2019-07-01_01_Securities Lending & Borrowing Program


2019-07-01_01_Securities Lending & Borrowing Program

Market Notice – Securities Lending & Borrowing Program – pdf

Pursuant to Rule 6.1.1 of the AIX CSD Business Rules, AIX and AIX CSD hereby inform Trading Members, Custodians and AIX CSD Participants as follows:

The AIX and AIX CSD announce the launch of a Securities lending and borrowing facility based on bilateral securities lending agreements. To become effective, a securities lending agreement should be submitted to and approved by the AIX CSD.

The facility may be used for Lending Transactions for the purpose of borrowing Securities as an alternative pool of Securities by registered Market Makers in the Securities in relation to which they are appointed as such.

In addition, the facility will be open for Lending Transactions for the purpose of borrowing Securities by all Participant Members and the Custodians as a mechanism to prevent settlement failures in any Security admitted to trading on AIX. No other use will be permitted until further notice.

Market Participants should note that Lending Transactions are executed “off market” away from the Central Order Book, in a manner regulated in the AIX CSD Business Rules and Procedures.

Should you have any questions in relation to this Notice, please feel free to contact the AIX CSD at ptd@aix.kz or, by phone, +77172 23 53 02 / + 77172 23 53 79.