How to Become a Participant

Clearing & Settlement

How to Become a Participant

Apply to AIX CSD

1. Initial stage

1.1.  Contact CSD AIX Business Development (BD) team as the first step. AIX CSD BD will provide you an overview of application process and requirements and help you with any other questions that you may have about AIX. Please see contact details below.

1.2. Submit AIX CSD Participant application with all the necessary documents to AIX CSD.

2. Approval Stage

AIX CSD Regulation and Compliance Department reviews the application documents and carries out due diligence

3. Formal procedures

The AIX CSD Participant Agreement is signed

4. Go Live

Sign off as a Participant on AIX CSD

To become AIX CSD Participant the applicant should provide the following:

Please follow the link to download AIX CSD Participant application package

Please follow the link to download AIX CSD Fees 2020

How to contact us:

Please feel free to contact us at any time by clicking here.

Telephone: +7 (7172) 23 5313

Email: [email protected]