How to Become a Participant

Clearing & Settlement

How to Become a Participant

Apply to AIX CSD

1. Application

1.1.  Contact AIX CSD Business Development who will provide an overview of application process and requirements and help you with any questions you may have about AIX CSD.

1.2. Submit a Participant application with necessary supporting documents to get connected to Depository System.

2. Due diligence

Following receipt and review of the Participant application, the AIX CSD Regulation Team determines whether clarifications or further documents are required.

3. Testing

Pass technical connectivity tests (IT and Depository System tests) run by AIX CSD as per the details provided in the AIX CSD Participant application.

4. Go Live

Once your Depository System arrangements are finalised and the AIX CSD Regulation Team is satisfied that the applicant meets the qualification requirements, AIX CSD will countersign the Participant agreement and you can commence operations. Please also review Participation Fees.

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