KTZ Express АҚ (KTZE1.1223)


KTZ Express АҚ (KTZE1.1223)

Issue info

Ticker KTZE1.1223
Issuer «KTZ Express» АҚ
Instrument Облигациялар
Currency Теңге
Country Қазақстан
ISIN KZX000000427
Issue price 0
Issued quantity 14711755
Tradable quantity 14711755
Start Date 12/06/2020
Maturity Date 16/05/2023
Face value 1000
Year basis 360
Coupon rate 3.25
Coupon frequency 1
Prospectus https://s3-eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/www-aix-kz/uploads/2020/06/TC_KTZ-EXPRESS_tranche_1.pdf
Notice of Admisison to the official list https://s3-eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/www-aix-kz/uploads/2020/06/Notice-of-admission-to-the-Official-List_KTZE1.1223.pdf



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