Continuous Disclosure Obligations


Continuous Disclosure Obligations

Public availability of annual and interim audited financial statements

Notifications on significant transactions and changes in shareholders’ structure

Certain representations and warranties from the management
(once a year)

IR maintenance

Transparency and Accountability. An Issuer shall strive for transparent disclosure that conforms to the facts, whether they are advantageous or disadvantageous to an Issuer, and shall fulfill its accountability responsibilities consistently.

Compliance with Rules/ Regulations. An Issuer shall satisfy the respective requirements applied by AIX disclosure/transparency rules; timely manner of disclosures is a rule.

Readily Understandable Disclosure. An Issuer shall strive to disclose information in a readily understandable form for all the stakeholders.

Fairness and Confidentiality. An Issuer shall strive to have information distributed in a fair manner to all the stakeholders – to stick to equal treatment approach. During the time before disclosure an Issuer shall ensure no leakage of information which may affect the decision made by investors to buy/sell securities.

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